The Difficulties in finding love at 40 and beyond


Unless less we all want to start deceiving ourselves, we all know that dating at 40 years old is nothing to write about, in short, it sucks – yes, I said it! This doesn’t just affect the male species; the female species gets it as well. When your face gets blighted by aging spots and wrinkles, only then will you understand. My ladies above the age of 40 can relate. Let’s hold on to the facial part for a while and discuss some other things.

Socially speaking, blending of lives can really be difficult, I’m talking about that time of your life when you want to establish a new relationship, at that age? Sure, it will be complicated. There are certain factors to look at, children, one’s finances, the toxic past relationship which has left scars on either our skin or heart. The pain which we find difficult to let heal fast. Basically, these are some of the glare reasons why people who have crossed that age keep their guard up all the time. Hold on! No one said that finding love at this age is impossible, it isn’t, the last time I checked, nothing on earth is impossible, all I’m saying is, you’ve got to stare at the reality mirror for a minute.

This article might stylishly swing to the side of the ladies, but it works both ways. If you are a lady whose 40 years or more. You might have dated some great guys who never reached out to you anymore. Well, there are reasons for this:

One of which is having a closed mind. Remember I talked about people who fall under this age bracket building up a fence in their mind. What they don’t understand is, having this approach results in subconsciously rejecting men on a “superficial level”. You tend to chase them away with your archaic mindset, flimsy excuses, such as you hated his haircut, clothes he is wearing or the way he talks – Crazy, right? In short, just cut down on your “unrealistic” result.

The fear of leaving your comfort zone can be one other reason why people at 40 years find it difficult to find love. My advice? Go online, check out some online dating platform and give you that second chance, after all, a second chance is the least of what all humans deserve. It can only be given to ourselves. Leave your comfort zone and give that new partner a chance to love you, and feel free to love. As I said, it’s difficult to find true love at this age, no one said it’s impossible. So, go out there and have fun.

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