To forgive or not, that’s the question


No right thing in life is easy. Unless we all are being hypocritical, forgiveness is never easy, it doesn’t really matter the circumstances.  But like I tell people, the only reason why things are what they are is simply that of our state of mind and the perspective we have of a thing. The key is to have some principles to follow. The reason why we tend to find it hard to forgive generally, our mind shows a replay of the event that brought us to that state.

You need to understand that withholding forgiveness doesn’t just affect the person you are arguing with, it affects you as well. Keeping alive emotions of pain and hurt won’t change anything. Keeping in blame and anger will discolor the way you view life normally. Now tell me, which is more painful? The difficulty in finding a place in your heart to forgive someone or keeping the hurt, pain, and anger which at the end will affect the way you view things?  So, avoid spending time on ruminating on the past. Forgiveness doesn’t erase the past, it’s more about compassion. Once you start viewing things with a positive mindset, you will find it easy to forgive no matter the situation. I recently heard a story of a man who forgave the man who killed his son. The father whose son was gunned down by the killer gave a warm hug to the murderer. When the man was interviewed, he said he had forgiven the man, what struck me the most was how he came up with an excuse for the killer. People aren’t perfect, they make mistakes, some of which includes offending you. Look beyond that and you will see that forgiveness is not as difficult as we think it is.

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