Ways to becoming a better person


The best investment you can ever make on earth is the one you make for yourself. Always trying to be a better you every day is differentiated greatness from mediocrity. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is for you”. I can never agree less with this quote.  Greatness isn’t a destination, it is more of a path. Yes! It takes discipline, inner strength, and passion.  So, how can you be a better person?

  • The Voice: Learn to compliment yourself.

We all have an inner voice, it’s not friendly. One thing people don’t know about this inner voice is that its playback of all the voices who told you “No”, people giving you reasons why you shouldn’t do what you love. Now, when the inevitable happens; which is a failure, we become too harsh on ourselves. Failure is a norm, but breeding it…is not!  What you should do instead is complement yourself.  And more importantly, when you achieve even the littlest of things.

  • Stop making excuses.

This is the height of irresponsibility. Stop making excuses or playing the blame game. Pointing fingers at someone else for the result of your own action is something you need to stop.

  • Learn to forgive.

Let go of resentment. First, you must forgive yourself of all the things you did in the past, that’s the only way you can learn to forgive others.

  • Let it go.

My final point is to learn to let go of your own anger. Trust me, it is very easy. Pent-up rage affects your health, so, you don’t want that do you?


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