Better Oneself


Listening to yourself

It balances your life and give you a better look at what’s in front of you. When paying attention there are a lot you can learn. We can discover many symptoms, with these signs our body and mind catches our attention. Many of these indications relate to us through stress. Stress can disrupt the normal life functions in so many ways.


 Connecting with yourself

Acknowledge your feelings. Call it by the name (sad, angry, happy)

Accept your emotions.

No emotion is unacceptable, it’s what makes you human.

Spend time alone.

Practice self-compassion, it can be beneficial to you.


Talk to yourself

Talking to oneself relieves loneliness.

It can help organize your thoughts.

It’s good to compliment yourself verbally.

Motivating yourself distinctly helps get you to where you want to be.

Reduces Anger.


Know yourself

What makes you smile?

What’s your proudest moment?

How do you feel about your parents?

What life lesson came out of failure?

How do you feel about growing old someday?

How confident are you in your abilities, deciding for yourself?


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